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5 Reasons CBD Powder is Better Than CBD Oil

If you’ve spent any time researching CBD, you’ve likely discovered two main categories: CBD Powder and CBD Oil. CBD powder is interchangeable with CBD isolate, the most concentrated form of CBD extract.

How do you know which one to buy? Is one better than the other? Are there purity differences? The clear winner is CBD powder.

There are 5 main reasons CBD Powder is superior to CBD oil.


Easily Mixed

Odorless & Tasteless


Greater Purity

1. CBD Powder is More Bioavailable Than Oil.

When suspended in oil, CBD molecules are much larger than powdered CBD isolate. The size of the molecule impairs the body’s ability to absorb the maximum amount of CBD. The process of distilling into powder creates a smaller molecule allowing the body to fully absorb it. You can even take the powder sublingually. It will dissolve and be absorbed into the body underneath the tongue. You cannot do this with oil.

2. CBD Powder is Easily Mixed.

There are very few mediums that won’t dissolve powder. CBD powder’s natural ability to dissolve allows it to be easily mixed into consumables, even those containing butter or cooking oil. Companies use the powder to mix into lip balms, massage oils, creams, or tinctures.

3. CBD Powder is Odorless and Tasteless.

A common question is:
“How does it taste?”
It doesn’t.


Because it has no taste or smell, additives and other filler ingredients are not needed to mask any potential bitterness or strong odors. It simply takes on the taste or aroma of the carrier product. Consumers are mixing it into their coffee, smoothies, and other beverages without any change to the original taste.

4. CBD Powder is easily measured.

Oil can be difficult to measure. Each teaspoon or milligram may contain a slightly different concentration of CBD. Powder concentrations are exact. Dosages can be measured accurately in milligrams. This is especially helpful if you decide on converting the powder in ready-to-take capsules.

5. CBD Powder Has a Higher Degree of Purity.

Laboratories originally extracted CBD through a chemical wash. The chemist would run butane or hexane over the plant material. While this worked, it left behind trace residues of carcinogens such as formaldehyde. This is a cheaper process and still done by many small labs and chemists.


More sophisticated labs have developed a cleaner process called CO2 extraction. This extraction process leaves no trace carcinogens.



Liquid pressurized CO2 pulls CBD from the plant. At the right temperature, the CO2 acts like a solvent with none of the dangers of the chemical process. Extraction occurs without denaturing or damaging the CBD.


Extraction separates out CBD, terpenes, trichomes, chlorophyll, and other trace chemicals. This is CBD oil.


The CBD oil extraction is then winterized to remove any impurities and excess waxes. The winterization process cools down the oil extract in an ethanol suspension. The remaining liquid is distilled leaving CBD powder.

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Now that you understand the benefits of CBD powder over oil, you can envision the multiple products your company can create for your customers. Let our brokers source the highest quality CBD isolate powder in any bulk amount your business needs. Everything is sourced in the US and third-party tested for the highest quality.