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The CBD market is one of the fastest growing hemp-based segments in the United States. If you are looking to buy CBD wholesale and begin making CBD products or expand your current offering, then you’ve come to the right place. has years of experience building a close network of trusted cbd isolate manufacturers so that we can provide the highest quality and best priced wholesale CBD isolate on the market.

Why Should You Choose to Buy Wholesale?

CBD Isolate Is Our Focus and Specialty

We don’t sell CBD oil, or THC extract, or other hemp products. We only sell pure CBD isolate powder. CBD isolate is the superior form of CBD. It is 99.9% pure CBD in a fine crystalline powder.


It is odorless, tasteless and it mixes in almost any medium. Unlike oil, there is no risk of impurities like waxes or other plant matter. It is also much more shelf-stable than oil.


As a powder, it can be mixed in products that would not work with oil such as bath crystals, cleansers, protein powders, etc.

We Guarantee the Purity of Our Product

We are known for our quality. Our CBD isolate is 99.9% pure with zero trace of THC. To ensure the purity of our product, we use verified third-party testing. Each order you place comes with a certificate of analysis, guaranteeing the quality of each shipment.

We Have Unbeatable Pricing

We have developed extensive relationships with manufacturers and laboratories throughout the United States. These partnerships allow us to broker large quantities and provide the most competitive pricing.

We Have a 100% Order Success Rate

We are not afraid of supply issues. However, this is a common fear of most businesses when ordering CBD wholesale.


We’ve heard horror stories about businesses placing large bulk orders from other distributors only to either wait months for delivery (a huge opportunity cost) or never even receive the order at all. The fact is, many other CBD wholesale brokers out there do not have the relationships, funding or infrastructure to fulfill these large orders. They make promises they can’t keep and end up creating a nightmare for businesses just like yours.


Our orders have a 100% success rate and are fully backed with our 100% guarantee. We are able to secure orders of anywhere between 1 and 5,000 kilograms of CBD.


Our network allows for flexibility and reliability in supply. We take pride in our ability to fulfill all orders, regardless of type or size.

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