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Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate

CBD is quickly becoming a well-known healing tool for people looking for a natural alternative to various ailments. Conditions such as joint pain, anxiety, seizures, skin conditions, and more are being treated successfully with CBD.


However, there are different types of CBD products to be aware of. Two of the most popular forms of CBD are CDB isolate and full spectrum CBD. When deciding which form to use, here’s what you should consider.

Defining CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD

CBD isolate is purified CBD in a crystallized powder form. It has been extracted from the plant and isolated from all other compounds in the hemp plant (including THC). The extraction is distilled down into a crystalline powder containing 99.9% CBD and zero trace of THC.


Full spectrum CBD is whole plant CBD and contains all cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. This includes CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), and others. Unlike CBD isolate, there are also trace amounts of THC. THC makes up only .3% which is within legal limits, however it could still have minimal psychoactive effects.

Differences Between Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD

  • The primary difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD has to do simply with one aspect: purity. One is pure CBD and the other is not. The other cannabinoids may have a couple of the properties of CBD, but not the scope of properties.
  • CBD in contrast has the same benefits as all the other cannabinoids, along with many more the others don’t contain. There is some evidence that many of the other cannabinoids actually interfere with the properties of CBD.

Here’s a familiar example:

THC even in low doses are famous for causing the “munchies”. CBD on the other hand can reduce appetite and emotional eating. This property of CBD can not be expressed unless the cannabinoids are removed. Purity of CBD is essential for the full benefits.

Why CBD Isolate Is The Better Choice

Given all that information, which is better?

  • While full spectrum CBD is an easier product to create, it contains compounds that can be irritating or even harmful to certain individuals. Small reactions and side effects have been observed in those who have tried full spectrum CBD. The presence of THC, though small, can also induce an undesirable psychoactive effect. Then there is always the legal worry with the presence of THC in consumer products.
  • With CBD isolate on the other hand, the isolation of this one compound alleviates multiple concerns. It does not have any of the undesirable side effects and there is no presence of THC.
  • Overall, CBD isolate is the better and safer choice because it provides all of the benefits of CBD without the potential side effects or legal concerns.

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