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What is Hemp Extract?

The hemp extract industry is exploding. Rapid growth brings a rush of competitors who are trying to capitalize on novelty without really understanding the product. The marketplace tosses around words like hemp, hemp oil, seed oil, CBD, cannabis, etc. Many of these words are unclear and using the term “hemp extract” adds to the confusion.

Hemp extract is a catch-all term describing any extract from the cannabis plant family, but not specific enough to describe what important cannabinoids may be present in the plant.

This is the problem. Hemp extract does not tell the buyer what is inside the extract. It could literally be anything.

Why the misunderstanding?

The confusion began from the need to distinguish between two different strains of the cannabis family: marijuana and “industrial hemp”. Industrial hemp is an imposed government definition allowing the agricultural industry to grow a version of cannabis without producing a high-THC crop.


Here’s the government definition:


“The term “industrial hemp” includes the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part or derivative of such plant, including seeds of such plant, whether growing or not, that is used exclusively for industrial purposes (fiber and seed) with a [THC] concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. The term “tetrahydrocannabinols” includes all isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers of tetrahydrocannabinols.”


Industrial hemp is then processed into a wide variety of products such as rope, fabric, papers, biofuel, natural plastic, and oil. All these products are technically hemp extract.

What is our Hemp Extract?

CBD isolate is the term we use to describe our extract. It clearly indicates the presence of CBD. CBD is the sought after phytocannabinoid. Benefits of CBD include…


  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Improvement of Skin Conditions
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Immunity Boosters
  • Mood Stabilization


You can walk the aisles of most local grocery stores and find hemp oil or hemp seed oil. While it might be nutritious, it probably contains very little, if any, CBD.


Our brokers work with producers who begin with CBD rich hemp plants. The plants are pressed into oil. At this point, the hemp extract could be considered CBD oil, but it would not be pure CBD isolate. A distillation process removes CBD from the oil into a fine powder. The powder is 99.9% CBD, which we verify through third party testing before it is delivered to our customers.

So, are you ready to join the CBD market?

We can broker any quantity of true CBD isolate. We ensure you get the highest quality CBD product and not an ambiguous “hemp extract”. All our product is sourced in the United States with a certificate of analysis from third-party testing.